Vietnam releases official code of conduct for tourists

Vietnamese tourists are also advised to consider the code of conduct when they are traveling abroad

Vietnamese tourists visit a fruit market in Rayong Province, Thailand

Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has issued a code of conduct for the tourism industry, with recommendations for both local and international tourists, as well as tourism service providers.

The etiquette guidebook consists of two chapters with 12 articles, aimed to guide tourists to behave in an appropriate way, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) said on Friday.

Vietnamese tourists are also advised to consider the code of conduct when they are traveling abroad, according to the VNAT.

“The guidebook will serve as a guide for Vietnamese travelers, helping to build a better image of the nation’s tourists, amid many complaints by foreigners regarding such bad demeanors as spitting, petty thefts, and littering,” VNAT chief Nguyen Van Tuan said.

Tuan underlined that the code of conduct only “serves as an educational guide for the public, the people and companies working in the tourism field.”

“It does not replace the current legal regulations of handling public misdemeanors,” he added.

“The guidelines should not be understood as compulsory.”

Truong Duc Hai, director of the Hon Ngoc Vien Dong Tourism Co. said that VNAT had previously circulated various directives for travelers but this official code of conduct is the most comprehensive so far.

However, Hai is not quite satisfied with the manual, believing that the guide will not change the reality much.

“Stricter penalties on misdemeanors in public places would be a better solution,” he said.

A code of conduct booklet in Chinese, issued by the Da Nang tourism department

Some of the 20 guidelines for travelers in the code of conduct:

·        Queue for tickets, check-in, check-out, or wherever there is a line

·        Respect other members in a tour

·        Wear decent clothes in public places

·        Respect the culture and religion of the place

·        Do not take foods and drinks in excessive amount

·        Consume alcoholic beverages moderately

·        Do not push others in public or crowded areas

·        Do not litter

·        Do not spit

·        Do not draw graffiti

·        Do not smoke in prohibited areas

·        Do not gather flowers, break branches, or disturb animals in the parks, zoos, or natural areas

Some of the 15 recommended behaviors for tourism service providers:

·        Publicize the tour prices and sell the tours at the listed prices

·        Advertise honestly about the services or products

·        Provide service or product as advertised

·        Be responsible for any damage caused to the environment where the tour visit

·        Assist traveler in emergency case

·        Do not bring travelers to places deemed dangerous

·        Only licensed tour guide are allowed to guide

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