Happy Vietnamese Teachers’ Day!

November 20,2015, 10:57

I get jealous on Teachers’ Day, where are my flowers and chocolate? How come I don’t get a fabulous red envelope? Why doesn’t anyone call me? Sob... Just kidding!

Dramatic Vietnam

October 15,2015, 15:30

I know that the Vietnamese can be drama queens but are they any good at drama?

Banking Vietnamese style

October 07,2015, 16:14

I love those green Vietcombank ATM booths – it’s fun to just leave my motorbike gloves on top of the machine for a moment while enjoying the air-con.

Vietnam life experience: I just want a screw

September 27,2015, 10:25

Although I can’t stand sport and stare in horror at people doing exercise in the morning, I still claim I have that distinctive male love of cars and power tools