Do you speak Globish?

March 28,2013, 15:55

Peter Cornish from the UK delves into Globish, a combination of Global and English, as a person working in education for more than twenty years

A thank you before our new page

March 23,2013, 16:12

Before celebrating our new milestone -- the new version -- Tuoitrenews would like to express our thanks and gratitude to readers for supporting us over the years

Rape in India has little to do with sex

March 19,2013, 15:52

Kiran Johl, an Indian-American social work student in California, the United States, says that Indian men rape not for sex when being interviewed on the increasing rape cases in India

Vietnam and the Koreas

March 19,2013, 15:19

Don’t expect a bowl of pho bo that costs nearly $8 in the Gangnam district to be nearly as good as a bowl that costs 30,000 dong (less than $1.50) in Hanoi