A helping hand in Vietnam

June 07,2016, 11:06

Pushing someone’s motorbike with your foot while riding your own is a very common activity in Vietnam

Wedding gifts in Vietnam

May 30,2016, 19:02

A friend at the newspaper I write for is getting married soon. He’s a great young guy with too big glasses, marvelous English and bad taste in beer selection

Patronage of the arts in Vietnam

May 12,2016, 20:48

Vietnamese artistic talent needs to make itself better known locally. As local massive wealth presents itself in personal possessions - giant houses, giant cars, giant TVs

Make traffic lights smarter to relieve Ho Chi Minh City congestion: expat

May 09,2016, 20:00

Radhanath Varadan, an Indian who has been living in Vietnam for 15 years, has suggested that in order to reduce congestion on Ho Chi Minh City roads, traffic lights should be made smarter. While he is also quick to admit that he is no expert on traffic, he believes none of it is rocket science

Vietnam angle: Travel muddles the mind

April 25,2016, 11:55

Whoever said, ‘Travel broadens the mind,’ needs psychiatric help. After a week of tiring and tangled travelling abroad and back, I’ve concluded that the world is mostly insane

Nguyen Hue pedestrian street: To eat or not to eat?

April 19,2016, 19:06

Some expats have shared their opinions with Tuoi Tre News on a regulation banning visitors from eating and drinking on the Nguyen Hue pedestrian street in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1 in order to keep it free from trash