Japanese NGO assists Vietnamese farmers in producing safe greens At harvest time, farmers gently chop off organically grown vegetable roots before immediately consuming the stems and leaves, without any rinsing or processing
    Sex on Vietnamese Facebook Published: 08/04/2015 10:03 Numerous account owners on social networks such as Facebook have had their name disgraced by malware which hacked their account and spread links with sexual videos, images and chats to their online friends
    Earning a living in Vietnam's national park Published: 08/01/2015 16:14 Every day, around local 300 – 500 people have flocked to the Xuan Thuy national park in the northern province of Nam Dinh to earn living
    Tamed elephants in central Vietnam under permanent watch against tusk thieves Published: 07/29/2015 16:23 Mahouts of tamed elephants in Yok Don National Park, located in the Central Highlands Province of Dak Lak, now have to sleep with the animals to protect them from tusk thieves

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