The Eagles sue Hotel California

The Eagles have filed a lawsuit accusing the owners of a Mexico hotel of using the name "Hotel California," arguably the band's most famous song, without permission.

Florida man, 101, runs for Congress

February 21,2014, 09:12

A Florida great-great grandfather has launched a campaign to run for the US Congress in November, running on a record of 101 years of life experience

Elderly US nun jailed over nuclear break-in

February 19,2014, 21:30

Sister Megan Rice, 84, cut through fences and several layers of security at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee along with two other members of Transform Now Plowshares -- a pacifist group -- in July 2012.

4 hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, 1 dead

February 04,2014, 12:22

During the five days of the Lunar New Year from Jan 30, Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital admitted four intellectuals with high social positions, who suffered alcohol poisoning from liquor gifted on the occasion of Tet, with one fatality.

Mango trees at bank plucked clean in Tet custom

February 01,2014, 11:57

Soon after celebrating the Lunar New Year’s Eve on Jan 31, dozens of locals plucked three mango trees in front of a bank in Quang Binh province of all their leaves in the traditional belief that the act would bring them blessings in the new year.

China farmers build wall of cash with $2.2 mn payout

January 15,2014, 21:00

The farmers, members of a co-operative in Liangshan county in the southwestern province of Sichuan, stacked bundles of 100-yuan banknotes into a wall two metres (seven feet) long and half a metre high before handing out the dividends