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Cuisine - An original “souvenir” for tourists Cung Đình Restaurant (REX Hotel) goes beyond serving customized dishes by putting its clients in a traditional cuisine space with its cooking show organized regularly twice a week.
    Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon Published: 08/27/2016 15:04 The Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon, a hotel for the curious, the adventurous, and for those who see every journey as a chance to be inspired by the unexpected, the intriguing and the new.
    Eastin Saigon Published: 08/27/2016 15:03 Eastin Grand Hotel Saigon is a 10-minute drive from Tan Son Nhat International Airport and a focal point of the bustling Phu Nhuan District, offering 5 star luxury with excellence and hospitality.
    Grand Hotel Saigon Published: 08/27/2016 15:02 Grand Hotel Saigon is perfectly located in the downtown area overlooking the historical street and Saigon River, offering both classic and contemporary stlye, Meeting room, Recreation area, Western and Asian Restaurant, Rooftop Grand Lounge.
    Le Méridien Saigon Published: 08/27/2016 15:01 A new way of seeing things awaits you to explore at Le Méridien Saigon, especially Le Méridien Hub, our innovative hotel lobby concept that offers a perfect gathering place for creative minds to converse and exchange ideas.
    Yeebo Restaurant Published: 07/22/2016 16:28 Established in 1990 as a family-oriented business, a new branch - Yeebo Seafood & Hotpot Restaurant, now a top-of-mind Hong Kong restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, has gradually grown into a well-loved dining spot among locals and visitors.
    Villa Song Saigon Published: 07/22/2016 16:18 A charming boutique hotel with 23 luxurious rooms and suites located in District 2 along the banks of the Saigon River, Villa Song Saigon is perfect for romantic getaways as well as corporate meetings with various delights including eclectic food and beverage options.
    Viet Village Published: 07/22/2016 16:13 Viet Village, which revives the characteristic ambience of interference culture from 1858 to 1945 when Vietnam started trading with other Indochina countries, is an ideal restaurant serving irresistible food from three regions in Vietnam.
    Viet Restaurant Published: 07/22/2016 16:08 SATRA Group’s “Nhà Hàng Việt” - Viet Restaurant, located next to the crowded Ben Thanh Market, features exquisite, distinguished flavors and is a stop for international friends to enjoy hallmark Vietnamese dishes, and locals to try out our finest traditional cuisine.
    Viet Heritage Published: 07/22/2016 16:03 Located in the city center, Viet Heritage specializes in authentic, traditional Vietnamese dishes and organizes different kinds of parties enlivened with traditional musical instrument weeknight performances which are meant specially for tourists from Europe, U.S and Asia.
    Vatel Restaurant Published: 07/22/2016 15:58 The restaurant and bar run by Vatel, International School of Hospitality and Tourism, are a venue truly dedicated to French gastronomy and the art of tasting wine, and a “field” that allows its students to practice theoretical lessons under strict professional guidance.

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