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Cuisine - An original “souvenir” for tourists Cung Đình Restaurant (REX Hotel) goes beyond serving customized dishes by putting its clients in a traditional cuisine space with its cooking show organized regularly twice a week.
    Gia Trang Published: 07/22/2016 14:12 Located only 20 kilometers from the heart of Saigon, Gia Trang Resort is built on an area of nearly 10,000 square meters in an age-old, lavish yet nature-friendly architectural style, offering visitors tranquility and a wide assortment of culinary delights to choose from.
    Eon51 Published: 07/22/2016 14:07 Perched high on three levels 50-51-52 of Bitexco Financial Tower, EON51 is proud to be known as the highest Restaurant – Café – Bar in Ho Chi Minh City, while CAFÉ EON, EON51 FINE DINING and EON HELI BAR also have many delights in store.
    EN Teahouse & Restaurant Published: 07/22/2016 14:02 Én Tea House & Restaurant, a gorgeous blend of modern-Saigon hues with the city’s old nooks and crannies, serves diverse types of tea and superb pastry and a wide array of A La Carte Asian and European delicacies in a homely ambiance.
    DB Restaurant Published: 07/22/2016 13:57 The name ‘DB’ is the acronym of ‘Delicious Beef’, which stands for the signature course at our restaurant, ‘Beefsteak,’ with other tasteful dishes including premium American beef, crocodile and lamb meat, and a variety of wine for your own preference.
    Com Tam Cali (Broken Rice Restaurant) Published: 07/22/2016 13:52 Broken Rice, a tiny piece believed to be the most nutritious part of the whole rice grain, makes a delectable dish popular among locals and foreigners alike as this special rice can be found nowhere else except Vietnam.
    Cha Ca La Vong Published: 07/22/2016 13:47 The Đoàn family residing at No. 14 Chả Cá Street wholeheartedly welcome diners for unforgettable tastes of Lã Vọng fried fish paste, a Hanoi signature delicacy listed by Patricia Schultz in a book titled “1000 Places to See Before You Die”.
    Cafe Da Lat Pho (Dalat City Cafe) Published: 07/22/2016 13:42 Đà Lạt Phố Coffee, a miniature “paradise” of Đà Lạt architecture, has been frequented by enthusiasts of elegant café spaces who relish feelings of getting lost in a café in the resort town thanks to its spacious expanse and pure misty air.
    Bep Nha Xu Quang (Quang Home Kitchen) Published: 07/22/2016 13:37 If you’re looking for some places that serve authentic Vietnamese food, just come to Quang Home Kitchen, an oasis amidst the concrete jungle which offers alluring tastes from central Vietnam right in Saigon.
    Ben Thanh Street Food Market Published: 07/22/2016 13:32 Ben Thanh Street Food Market, a modern, high-quality market model which is the first in Vietnam, has become an intriguing rendezvous among a myriad of domestic and foreign tourists, who are mesmerized by live music shows and an assorted menu comprising nearly 200 original dishes.
    Bay Ky Quan (Seven Wonders) Published: 07/22/2016 13:27 The Seven Wonders Restaurant specializes in organizing weddings, birthday parties, get-togethers and conventions and is committed to making your big day or events unforgettable experiences.

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