Mosaic pottery, torn paper exhibit running


Updated : 12/18/2013 15:28 GMT + 7

The first of its kind in Vietnam, the exhibit “Ghep” (Blending), which showcases torn paper collage paintings along with mosaic pottery works by local artists Hoang Thi Phuong Lien and Le Thiet Cuong,  is running in Hanoi until Dec 24 before being taken to Ho Chi Minh City in Feb 2014.

The exhibit, going on at Gallery 39, 39A Ly Quoc Su, displays some 30 works of the two long-standing friends.

At this exhibit, Lien, the first artist in the country to have spent over 20 years perfecting the art of making torn paper collages, showcases her works which skillfully depict fruits, flowers and idyllic landscapes. Torn paper collages are thought to be freer and more creative than cut paper collages, though it has only basic colors.

Meanwhile, Cuong, who is famous for his minimalist art works since 1991, recently tried his hands with mosaic pottery, an art form which uses small pieces of pottery placed together to create a unified whole. The artist adopts sharply contrasting colors in his mosaic pottery works, which blends well with Lien’s works at the exhibit.

After closing in Hanoi, the exhibit is set to run at Ly Club, 143 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, district 3, HCMC in mid Feb 2014.