Dog theft in Ho Chi Minh City
Updated: 06/29/2017 15:31 GMT + 7
On June 26, two thieves used electric spears to take down three dogs in Cu Chi District
Centuries-old Phap Van Temple abused in Hanoi
Updated: 06/29/2017 15:30 GMT + 7
Over the past 10 years, the historical Phap Van Temple in Hanoi has been slowly transformed from a cultural icon to a business free-for-all
3D artwork made from food by artist in Nha Trang City
Updated: 06/29/2017 15:25 GMT + 7
3D artwork made from different foods is mesmerizing art lovers in Khanh Hoa Province
Vietnamese woman donates 9 bears to Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary
Updated: 06/28/2017 15:53 GMT + 7
On June 27, nine Asian black bears were donated to the Vietnam Bear Rescue Center
Five houses destroyed overnight by subsidence in Ho Chi Minh City
Updated: 06/28/2017 15:52 GMT + 7
On June 27, five houses collapsed due to subsidence in Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City
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