Vietnam PM addresses 2,000 in pro-business meeting

Themed “Siding with Business,” the pro-business meeting was the second of its kind to be chaired by PM Phuc

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the event in Hanoi on May 17, 2017.

Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Wednesday chaired a conference with some 2,000 attendees, including local and foreign entrepreneurs and officials, illustrating the government’s commitment to support the business community.

Themed “Siding with Business,” the pro-business meeting was the second of its kind to be chaired by PM Phuc, with the number of attendees four time higher than the first event on April 29, 2016, including 1,500 members of the private sector, 200 from foreign-invested enterprises and 100 from state-owned firms.

Leaders from 63 cities and provinces nationwide and government members, representatives from financial institutions and professional associations also took part in the televised conference.

Speaking at the event, PM Phuc encouraged participants to give constructive and straightforward feedback to contribute to administrative reform and building a government of support for businesses.

The premier has pledged to build a ‘constructive government’ committed to creating positive conditions for enterprises and startups shortly after taking office in July last year.

He reiterated the commitment at the conference, adding that the government will work to ensure the best possible conditions so everyone can feel at ease to start long-term investments and enjoy growth.

PM Phuc (L) meets with businesspeople. Photo: VGP
PM Phuc (L) meets with businesspeople. Photo: VGP

PM Phuc underlined that several measures and actions taken by his government and local administrations have proven to be effective.

“It is because those measures have targeted just the right issues that need solving, rather than ‘prescribing headache medication when we actually feel pain in the stomach’,” the premier elaborated.

Following the event, the PM and his deputies are scheduled to continue meeting with ministries and agencies to consider businesses’ recommendations.

However, in illustrating a spirit of ‘actions speak louder than words,’ PM Phuc said he will issue a new directive on Wednesday, stipulating that a business should be inspected more than once a year.

“Today we have talked largely about how businesses have been hindered by repeated and overlapping inspections,” he said.

“A new directive will be signed within today so that businesses will no longer have to come under an inspection for more than once every year.”

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