INCHAM collects 110 blood units via Ho Chi Minh City blood drive

The four-hour event, organized by the Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross, took place at the Youth Culture House, at 4 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 1

Indian and Vietnamese donors are seen joining the Blood Donation Camp 2015, which was organized in Ho Chi Minh City on August 16, 2015.

The Indian Business Chamber in Vietnam (INCHAM) on Sunday collected over 110 blood units at its annual blood drive – the Blood Donation Camp – in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, from both expats and Vietnamese.

That amount is equivalent to 27.5 liters of blood.

The four-hour event, organized in cooperation with the Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross, took place from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Youth Culture House, at 4 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 1.

Speaking on the occasion, Smita Pant, Consul General of India in the city, highlighted the importance of donating blood, which can help save thousands of lives.

She also inspired fellow Indians to come forward and donate blood to safeguard the lives of others.

“The response from members of the Indian community today is overwhelming, and a large number of them are actively participating in the camp by donating blood voluntarily,” she said in the opening speech.

Jay Prakash Shriram, INCHAM chairman, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the Indian fraternity and to Vietnamese friends and those from other countries based in Ho Chi Minh City who volunteered to donate blood during the drive by extending invaluable service toward needy patients.

“By organizing the event, we are creating awareness in society of the importance of saving precious lives by donating blood, besides handing over more than 110 blood units to the blood bank of the Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross,” he said.

INCHAM previously expected to collect about 70 blood units via its 2015 event.

The INCHAM, a body that represents Indian businesses in Vietnam, also holds various charity and cultural exchange events in the Southeast Asian country, such as the Blood Donation Camp, besides business promotion activities.

The Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross also issued a donor card and undertakes to give an equal amount of blood donated free of charge in a situation where the donor needs it, and this card does not have any time limitation.


An Indian donor fills out a blood donation confirmation form that includes personal particulars as well as health status questions at the Blood Donation Camp 2015.


People get in line to wait their turn to meet a doctor after completing their blood donation confirmation forms.


An elderly expat needs an extra check on his blood pressure.


A specially trained nurse from the Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross begins drawing blood from the elderly expat.


The nurse weighs a plastic bag used to store blood from donors while drawing blood from a donor to check if the amount is enough or not.


A nurse writes down a donor’s name and blood type on a blood bag, while blood is being drawn from the donor.


An employee of the Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross gets rid of a needle before sealing up the plastic bag used to store blood.


The blood bags then are preserved in a cold container to assure quality.


Doctors check a young Vietnamese donor who has a problem while donating blood.


A foreign donor holds a Donor Card after donating blood.

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