Mountainous container village built for Vietnamese students

A village made of container boxes has been established for isolated students in a mountainous area of central Vietnam

The village made of container boxes in the mountainous Tra Lanh District, located in the central province of Quang Ngai

Nearly 200 students from the Dan Toc Elementary and Middle School, located in the mountainous Tra Lanh District in the central province of Quang Ngai, have been forced to travel a long way to attend their classes.

As they need to stay near the school because of the distance, the Ho Chi Minh City-based H.E.L.P Social JSC has built a village from 20 container boxes.

The container houses are properly designed and divided with areas for the students to rest, study, and play.

Each room is well-furnished with beds and sheets, electric fans and curtains, with a capacity of between eight to ten people.

The tops of the shelters are covered with leaf roofs to prevent direct heat from the sun, while the outer walls are painted with colorful pictures to hide the metal material.

These houses can also keep the students warm when night falls in the mountainous location.

“It is very cold in the evening. We previously had to light up bonfires to keep ourselves warm,” Ho Thi May, an eighth-grade student, said.

According to Le Van Tu, principal of the school, the students have had to endure freezing weather in the winter and blistering temperatures in the summer before the container village was constructed.

“When the school year began, many parents had to skip their jobs to build shelters out of bamboo and wood for their children,” Tu continued.

The makeshift homes hardly protected the youngsters from heavy rains and strong winds during stormy weather, he added.

“But everything is fine now,” the headmaster remarked.

“I love living in these container houses as they are very well-furnished,” a young student said. “We had never had a chance to sleep on a mattress before.”

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