Vietnamese octogenarian sells peanuts to run charitable bread box

A Vietnamese man in his late 80s has been selling peanuts on a daily basis to save money to buy bread for poor people

Luu Binh, wearing a wool hat, pick loaves of bread to give poor people in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum.

Luu Binh, an 87-year-old resident of Quyet Thanh Ward, Kon Tum City, located in Kon Tum Province in the Central Highlands, cycles around the neighborhood and sells boiled peanuts every day.

Most of his earnings are used to buy bread for his charity box, meant to help poor people in the locality.

Asked about any challenge he might be facing, Binh shook his head and smiled broadly.

“Not at all,” the octogenarian man answered. “I often wake up early in the morning to cook some 10 kilograms of peanuts before setting off on my bicycle around 7:30 am.”

“If the peanuts are not sold out in the morning, I will continue cycling on the streets in the afternoon and evening until I sell them all,” Binh continued.

According to the senior citizen, he earns about VND100,000 (US$4.41) per day.

“Thanks to that, I have been able to run my charitable bread box for about two years to help the poor,” he elaborated.

He came up with the bread box idea when he noticed the poor living conditions of many people in his neighborhood.

“I started out to make a box and fill it every day with loaves of bread bought with my own money,” Binh said.

At first, he would stand by the box, which was placed on a local street, and hand the bread directly as he feared people would hesitate to receive the free loaves.

As local residents have been more willing to accept the aid, Binh only needs to fill the box with 100 loaves of bread every morning, which cost him about VND130,000 ($5.74).

Binh sells his boiled peanuts every day, whether it is rainy or sunny.

If he is too sick to leave the house, he will use his own savings to keep the charity box filled.

Some local residents have joined Binh in this charity from time to time.

The elderly man is now leading a simple life as a vegetarian who loves saving his money to help the community.

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