Are you warm enough, Hoi An?  

I know it’s the rainy season but look at the locals in Hoi An, a small town in central Vietnam, they think it’s the beginning of a three-month Ice Age

Da Nang isn’t Hollywood…yet

May 08,2017, 09:37

While Da Nang’s decision to put its name up in lights the ‘Hollywood’ style on Son Tra Peninsula has been met with derision, it’s not such an implausible idea. If going big is good enough for King Kong, then why not for Da Nang?

What tourists think about Vietnam

April 03,2017, 09:01

Although I’m finding it difficult to settle back into Vietnamese lifestyle after a short but emotionally draining trip to Australia, it’s nice to be back in the heat, noise, chaos, and unpredictability of this country

Will Vietnam ever be clean?

March 21,2017, 15:30

Since the first caveman threw away a banana peel and the caveman behind him complained, mankind has been grappling with litterbugs

Vietnam from a Briton’s perspective

March 16,2017, 16:00

Helen Major from the UK is sharing several of her personal observations of Vietnam since relocating to the Southeast Asian country with her Vietnamese husband

How safe is home-made alcohol in Vietnam?

March 14,2017, 17:02

Three expats have shared their thoughts on home-made alcohol in Vietnam, including 'rượu gạo' (rice wine), after several cases of poisoning have been reported as a result of drinking the methanol-tainted alcohol