Vietnam levies cash fine on exam cheaters

Those bringing crib sheets into exam rooms will be fined VND2-3 million, the government says in a newly-issued decree

Cheat sheets are pictured being scattered in front of a Ho Chi Minh City school after an exam in this 2012 file photo.

Cash fines of up to VND20 million (US$946) will be imposed on a range of rule breaking behaviors in the Vietnamese education sector, including cheating in exams and physical abuse of both students and teachers, the government said this week in a decree.

Those who bring cheat sheets and banned devices into exam rooms will be liable for VND1-2 million in penalties while doing tests for candidates or providing them with help in the rooms will cost the violator VND2-3 million. Impersonators will be fined VND3-5 million, according to the decree, which was released on Tuesday.

Teachers who mentally or physically hurt their students will be subject to a VND5-10 million fine plus a possible 1-6 month suspension from work.

Educators will have to pay VND2-6 million if they expel a student for unjustifiable reasons.   

The government in return ensures protection for educators as anyone mentally or physically abusing teachers or education officials will be fined VND5-10 million.

K-12 schools will be charged VND2-6 million in the event that they employ under-par teachers whereas junior colleges and universities will have to pay higher fees, from VND4 million to VND10 million, for recruiting unqualified lecturers.

Institutions that run programs in cooperation with international partners will be fined VND10-20 million if they hire teachers who fail to meet national qualifications and foreign language requirements.

The decree will be in effect as of December 10 this year.


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