2013 Science Film Festival to take place in 11 provinces and cities

The 2013 Science Film Festival in Vietnam will be held in 11 cities and provinces across the country from October 24 to December 15

The event, organized by the Goethe-Institut in collaboration with the Center for Research Support and Development of Culture A&C, will screen movies and documentaries about environment, nature and new technology. According to the organizer, this year’s event focuses on renewable energies and sustainability, climate change and environmental challenges the human race will face in the future.

The festival will be brought to Hanoi, Thai Binh, Thai Nguyen, Vinh Phuc, Quang Tri, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Dac Lak, Ho Chi Minh and Bac Lieu.

At the public opening of the festival at 2pm on October 26, the Goethe-Institut will show the internationally award-winning documentary “Chasing Ice,” the story of photographer James Balog’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of climate change on our planet with the help of revolutionary time-lapse cameras.

The festival’s admission is free.

More information can be found at http://www.goethe.de


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