The art of Hanoi’s vendors through Dutch photographer’s lens

Have you ever seen those street vendors in Hanoi from above?

Photos from the "vendors from above" taken by Dutch photographer Loes Heerink in Hanoi

A photographer from the Netherlands is planning to publish a photography book featuring amazing pictures she captured street vendors in Hanoi.

Loes Heerink plans to include some 100 photos of her “Vendors from above” to the namesake photo book, she told Tuoi Tre News from home.

Heerink had lived in the Vietnamese capital for four years, and has recently returned to the Netherlands, while crowdfunding for her book via Kickstarter.

“I want people to see what I see, the beauty and the symmetry of street vendors,” the photographer shared with Tuoi Tre News.

“They create little pieces of art every day, without knowing it.”

“I hope people will see that after they've seen my pictures.”

Through “Vendors from above”, Heerink hopes people will appreciate the “women, often female migrants coming to the city trying to earn a little extra money,” she wrote on boredpanda.

“They have to work very hard, earn little money and work conditions are not very good.”

To capture the beauty, the 27-year-old photographer spent time waiting for vendors to travel by from some bridges in Hanoi to snap the right moment.

Heerink at first only meant to shoot a single photo of a flower vendor with no distraction, which means “it should be [taken] from above.”

But the photographer then started to get “a little bit out of control,” ended up looking for similar images no matter in early mornings, lunch breaks, and early evenings.

“And that’s how it happened,” Heerink recalled. 

A photo from Loes Heerink's "Vendors from above" collection

Fall in love with Hanoi kindness

After four years living in the Vietnamese capital city, Heerink said people are what made she loves the place.

The Dutch photographer still remembers the day when she was cycling to a job interview and her bicycle broke down a couple of times.

Despite her efforts to fix it, the chain kept on falling off.

“It was smoking hot outside, I got myself completely black from the oil on the chain, I was running late so I was getting pretty annoyed,” she shared the story that made she fall in love with people in Hanoi.

“Then a man comes walking up to me, fixes my bicycle, shows me where his bathroom is, gives me some dishwashing soap to wash myself with and that is it,” she added. “He is just being kind.”
Also, the landlady who always bought fruits and vegetables for her, or went to the market with her to negotiate price without wanting anything in return, also added more kindness of Hanoi that Heerink loved.

“That kindness, I love that about Vietnam,” Heerink said.

Dutch photographer Loes Heerink 

Loes Heerink is planning to come back to Vietnam in March or April to take more pictures and have more conversations with vendors to prepare for her book.

Below is a series of photos from “Vendors from above” provided to Tuoi Tre News by Loes Heerink:

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