Transsexual singer promotes safe sex with all-condom dress

Huong Giang, a top-ten contestant of the 2012 Vietnam Idol, is happy with donning a heavy dress made of 2,000 condoms to promote safe sex.

Huong Giang Idol poses with the 2,000 condom dress.

Singer Huong Giang, who ended up in the top ten of the 2012 Vietnam Idol singing reality show, doesn’t mind donning a heavy dress made of 2,000 condoms as part of a community campaign to normalize condoms.


As the latest representative of the campaign, called ‘Normalize Condoms,’ Giang is happy with wearing the dress, designed by Ngoan Nguyen and Nguyen Minh Tuan, though she had lots of difficulty moving and posing in it.

The operative transsexual singer added that as the dress had been worn by her predecessor, model Tra My, in last year’s campaign, and thus needed processing for maintenance, she repeatedly stripped during the photo shoot.

Giang also shared that she had no reservations  about having her name associated with condoms, and was happy to send the public, particularly youths, a message in promoting condom use.

Themed ‘Normalize to live, love and be happy,’ the Condom Project 2013: The last season features seven illuminating designs made of 20,000 condoms in total.

The presentations and street art performances boasting this special attire frequently change venues, which are often crowded spots in Ho Chi Minh City.

The program, which lasts until this December, will also come to local high schools and universities.

The organizers also released the country’s first-ever 3D photo book, which summarizes the program's efforts in the three years since it was launched.

Part of the earnings from the book's sales will go to centers caring for children with HIV by the year's end.

Giang, whose real name is Nguyen Ngoc Hieu, was born in 1991 as a male. She graduated from the Hanoi Arts and Culture College.

Some years ago, she underwent several physically and mentally excruciating surgeries in Thailand to become a female, her lifelong dream.

The knowledge of Giang being a transsexual created quite a stir last year as Vietnam Idol took place. Some also mistook her with a male contestant playing female from the 2010 contest.

Giang had taken part in the 2010 Vietnam Idol but was eliminated right from the first round. Against all odds, she entered the contest again and ended up in the top ten.


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