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Sex scenes in Vietnamese movies: what for?

Sex scenes in Vietnamese movies: what for?

Monday, October 27, 2014, 17:56 GMT+7

Many Vietnamese films use inappropriately sensitive scenes to attract public attention and raise curiosity among audience members.

Sex scenes, which are jokingly said to wake up sleepy audiences and keep them in their seats until the end of the movie, sometimes leave a bad impression due to a lack of careful consideration.

"Lac Gioi" (Paradise in Heart), a film about bisexuals by Vietnamese director Phi Tien Son, featured on its poster the three main characters posing half-nude.

The movie, which premiered in many cinemas in Hanoi on October 15 and in Ho Chi Minh City on October 17, was rated NC-16, as it isn’t appropriate for people under age 16 due to several sexually explicit scenes.

Another movie, “Buoc Khe Den Hanh Phuc” (Slight Steps to Happiness), released on October 3, also drew attention from local audiences thanks to a photo featuring a sex scene between two main characters.

The movie later disappointed viewers as the love story between Quan (played by Quach Ngoc Ngoan), an architect, and Vivian (played by Ngan Khanh), an overseas Vietnamese, is not as attractive as the marketed sex scenes.

The film’s explicit scene was later called “disgusting” by Le Hong Lam, a local journalist who was among the jury of YxineFF 2014, an online short film competition, due to bad camera angles, bad lighting and the lack of aesthetic consideration.

“Bay Cap 3” (High School Trap), a 120-minute movie produced in 2012, was the first-ever Vietnamese film to be banned by the government for its excessive nudity and steamy scenes shown in the film’s trailer and photos.

“De Muon” (Giving Hired Birth), released in 2005 by Vietnamese director Le Bao Trung, was a pioneer in featuring sex scenes. Audiences at that time were shocked to see a sensitive scene between the two main characters, played by Chi Bao and Ha Kieu Anh.

Several films, despite including sex scenes, have received support from viewers thanks to their aesthetic angles and logical content, such as “Song Trong So Hai” (Living in Fear), “Bi, Dung So!” (Bi, Don’t Be Afraid!), and “Dong Mau Anh Hung” (The Rebel).

“We should be careful screening films, especially on television as children often watch it. My children watch TV until 11:00 pm every night. They would easily imitate what they have seen on the screen,” Nguyen Dinh Thanh, a local translator, emphasized.

Tuoi Tre

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