​Video of Vietnamese primary school teachers, students in cha-cha group dance goes viral

The performance has inspired other schools to teach their students dancing

A screenshot taken from the video.

A video clip showing teachers of a primary school in south-central Vietnam joining their students in performing a cha-cha group dance has gone viral on social media.

The young performers were identified as teachers and students of the To Hap Elementary School located in Khanh Son District, Khanh Hoa Province.

The idea was put forward by the school vice-headmaster, Ho Thi Thanh Thuy, who herself has a strong passion for music and dancing.

After watching several interesting videos of group dancing on the Internet, Thuy decided to have her students practice dancing right in the schoolyard.

The vice-principal first had a professional dancer to teach teachers how to dance, so they could instruct the learned footsteps to their students later.

Students had practiced hard and competed with one another before joining for the well synchronized school-wide performance featured in the viral video on Facebook.

To Hap Elementary School currently has 578 students and 285 of which are from various ethnic minorities.

“The students from those ethnic groups are particularly good at dancing,” Thuy said.

“Since the ‘dancing class’ was launched, those students were interested in practicing the footsteps and did not cut class often like before.”

Instead of doing regular physical exercises, students of the school can now enjoy moving and shaking with music during their break time three times a week.

Many other local education institutions in Khanh Son have also followed suit after seeing the performance of To Hap.


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