2nd “Savour Vietnam” Photo Contest - ​Rules & Regulations

The town of Sa Pa in the northern Vietnamese province of Lao Cai is seen from above. Photo: Tuoi Tre

The event will take place from August 15, 2017 to March 31, 2018

On the occasion of the 42th Founding Anniversary of Saigontourist (August 1, 1975 – August 1, 2017) and with the aim of honoring the beauty of Vietnamese culture, tradition, people, and nature as well as continuing with the success of the first edition of "Savour Vietnam" Photo Contest in 2014, Saigontourist and Tuoi Tre Newspaper launch the 2nd “Savour Vietnam” Photo Contest in 2017.


Capturing pictures of the beautiful diversity of Vietnamese tradition, culture, traditional customs, people, nature, cuisine…etc.



- The contest is open to Vietnamese people and foreigners of all ages and careers.



      - From August 15, 2017 to March 31, 2018


Submission of entries:

-   Photographs taken with cameras/digital cameras/cellphones/drones are all accepted.

-      Photographs must be submitted in resolution of at least 3MB per file.

-  Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the photos will not be allowed.Only basic enhancement such as sharpening, contrast adjustment, or simple cropping is accepted.

-   Photos must be submitted together with a description of a maximum of 100 words including the title, time and location of the photos, and a story behind them (if any). Entrants take full responsibility for the information provided.

Participants can sign up by filling the form at this site: http://bansacviet.tuoitre.vn.  The information should only be provided once after the first photo submission. Participants without a complete entry form will be disqualified.  

-     Each photo should be clearly labeled with the entrant’s name, phone number, email (if any) and the entry’s name (name of the submitted photos).

-    Entries that have won prizes in prior photo contests, been posted on social networking sites, forums, been published or taken more than 36 months from the date of the submission are not eligible.

-   Entries can be one photo or collections of photos (at least 10 photos per collection).


How to submit:

-            Through webpage: http://bansacviet.tuoitre.vn

-            Or email to: bansacviet@tuoitre.com.vn

Please note that all submissions must include a complete entry form.

-            Viewers can have a look at all entries at http://bansacviet.tuoitre.vn



1.   Monthly prize (one a month in 8 months): VND7 million in cash from Saigontourist

Tuoi Tre will announce the monthly prize-winning entry in its newspaper and inform the winner.


2. Final prizes: cash and travel vouchers from Saigontourist


·     First prize : VND40 million + a travel voucher valued at VND20 million

·    02 runner-up prizes: VND25 million + a travel voucher valued at VND10 million (each)

·    03 third prizes: VND15 million + a travel voucher valued at VND5 million (each)

·     04 consolation prizes:  VND10 million each


     Prize Presentation: scheduled before June 30, 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City

- Prize-winners who are not Ho Chi Minh City resident will be provided with accommodation for two nights during the prize presentation. The rooms will be booked by Saigontourist only.

- Two winners, of the same sex, will be situated in a twin room. Odd winners, if any, will be in a single room.


Panel of judges:

        - Representative of the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists

        - Representative of the Ho Chi Minh City Association of Photographic Artists

        - Saigontourist

        - Tuoi Tre Newspaper


      Rules and regulations:


Entries of organizers, members of the panel of judges, employees of Saigontourist’s headquarters and Tuoi Tre’s headquarters and representative offices are acceptable but will not be eligible for any prize.


By entering the photo contest, entrants agree to be bound by these rules and regulations.


The winning entries will be certificated and scored (for members only) by the Vietnam Association of Photographic Artists.


Earlier submitted entries will have a better chance to compete against the same-scored entries, which have been submitted later, for the monthly prize and in the final round.


Tuoi Tre will pay royalties for the entries posted in its print publication. The royalties can be received at Tuoi Tre’s headquarters.


The organizers reserve the right to reproduce any entry in print, broadcast and/or electronic media for the advertising related to the contest at any time without the entrants’ permission and without any fee payment.


The organizers reserve the right to reproduce prize-winning entries in print, broadcast and/or electronic media for the promotion of Vietnamese tourism during or after the contest at any time without the winners’ permission and without any fee payment. The organizers cannot sell the entries to a third party or publicize any materials in which the entries are included for commercial purposes.


The organizers will pay every non-winning entry, which is chosen to be printed in the “Savour Vietnam” photo book, VND700,000 (seven hundred thousand VND) for the permission to either reproduce/ print it in printing materials or publish it in electronic media as types of tourism advertising methods after the contest. The organizers cannot sell the entries to a third party or publicize any materials in which the entries are included for commercial purposes.


Entrants must take legal responsibility for their photos. The organizers will not be involved in any copyright conflicts.


A prize-winner who cannot take part in the prize presentation can nominate someone as a proxy and must provide the organizers with the official papers as stated in Vietnamese laws by the time the prize presentation commences.

Prize-winners living in Vietnam who would like the prize to be transferred (in cash) and mailed (in kind) can contact Saigontourist Holding Company regarding the procedure (Tel: 028.38225887, ext: 88).

The prizes (in cash and in kind) of foreign winners, who are not living in Vietnam, will be given to his/her representative in Vietnam only.


Cash prizes will be subject to tax as stated in the law before being handed or transferred to the prize-winners.


Prizes in kind cannot be exchanged for cash.


Winners who are not Ho Chi Minh City residents must confirm whether they can come to the prize presentation for accommodation reservation. If the prize-winner turns up without prior confirmation, the organizers can only locate them in a hotel if rooms in the same type are available. If the prize-winner would like to upgrade their room or stay in another hotel, they will be responsible for all extra costs.


Winners must confirm their appearance at the prize presentation. If the prize-winner has not confirmed their appearance, prizes in cash will be transferred to the appointed bank account and prizes in kind (if any) will be sent to their submitted mailing address. The organizers bear no liability for any loss or damage to the prizes in kind during the delivery.


The winning entries and images which will be awarded/printed in the photo book will be selected by the judging panel and their decision is final.


Entries which are not suitable for Vietnamese tradition, custom, laws and violate the rules & regulations of the contest will be rejected without prior notice.


The judging panel reserves the right to cancel the prize if the entry does not meet the requirements stated in this document or is involved in any copyright infringement.


The organizers reserve the right to obtain full-detailed original files of the winning entries which will be awarded or have been chosen for the photo book. If the entrant fails to fill the requirement within 72 hours after the request, the award will be transferred to the next highest-scoring entry.


The organizers shall not be held liable for any loss, damage, theft or destruction of the images/files on their way to the organizers.


The organizers reserve the right not to send back or delete submitted entries/files after the contest is over.


The organizers reserve the right to make final decisions on any emerging issues which have not been stated in the rules and regulations.


                                                                     THE ORGANIZERS