Stylish feline fishmonger a Facebook sensation in Vietnam

The cat’s misleading moniker and chic wardrobe have led to social media stardom 

Cho stays close to Le Quoc Phong’s fish stall in Hai Phong City, northern Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Phong

One man’s cat is taking social media by storm for hilariously donning human clothes while helping its owner sell fish in Vietnam.

Le Quoc Phong, a 25-year-old resident of Hai Phong, the second-largest city in northern Vietnam, thought “Cho” – the Vietnamese word for ‘Dog’ – would be a fitting name for his Scottish Fold cat.

Like most Scottish Folds, Cho’s ears fold down on his head. However, it is the cat’s fashionable ensemble that draws attention to this feline fishmonger.

Cho spends his days staring longingly at would-be customers, hoping to use his wide-eyed charm to lure them into purchasing his owner’s fish

The Facebook fanpage Phong created for his special co-worker has so far attracted over 150,000 followers spread throughout Vietnam, Thailand and China.

Phong first purchased Cho several years ago for VND4.5 million (US$198) and chose the name “Cho” after noticing the cat loved to wag its tongue back and forth like a puppy.

“Cho is pretty manly before women,” he joked, commenting that the cat is always willing to be cuddled.

The man also sells clothes worn by the pet and uses the money earned to cover travel and food expenses.

Here are some photos of the cat from Cho’s fanpage:


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