​Vietnam man, 34, allegedly kills self after fatally shooting 17-yr-old girlfriend

The two were quarreling when the man pulled out a K59 pistol and shot his lover in the head

Police hunt for the gunman in Dong Nai, southern Vietnam, on August 11, 2017.

A local man was found dead in an apparent suicide after allegedly shooting his 17-year-old girlfriend to death in the southern province of Dong Nai on Friday.

The murder suspect, 34-year-old T.T.T., had run away after fatally shooting the victim, Le Huong T.L., with what believed to be a K59 pistol.

T. had been hiding in a local cassava plantation for around two hours and appeared to have shot himself before police finally found his body at 10:10 pm.

According to initial police report, T. visited his young girlfriend at her house in Binh Son Commune, Long Thanh District at around 6:00 pm, but the two quickly got into a fight.

The man then pulled out his pistol and shot his beloved girl in the head, apparently killing her at the moment.

Hearing the gunshot, the victim’s grandmother rushed to the scene, prompting the gunman to shoot her as well. However, T. misfired and immediately fled the scene.

The man opened fire two more times when Binh Son police rushed to catch him.

Police have performed an autopsy after finding T. body and are investigating further.

Officers said they have yet to track the origin of the gun.

The victim, who would start her 11th grade next week, helped her family run a drink stall at her house.

T. had asked to place two gambling machines at the establishment, and had developed a romantic relationship with the girl over the last year, having frequented the place to for the machine maintenance.

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