Vagina massage services freely advertised in Vietnam

Yoni massage, which is basically the massage of the genital area in women, is offered via online ads to urban Vietnamese women

An illustration photo from a website that lists the exact address of a Yoni massage parlor in downtown Ho Chi Minh City.

Yoni massage, which is basically the massage of the genital area in women, is offered via online ads to urban Vietnamese women. Shockingly, there are services in which male masseurs use their penis for the job.

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina that is loosely translated as "sacred space" or "Sacred Temple."

There are many such ads for this sensual service on social networking sites and forums.

“You want to relax after a hard day at work? We offer Yoni massage services at home or other private locations for ladies. Please contact Mr. Hung at 0934….” – reads an ad for Yoni massage service on a forum.

An investigation report by Phap Luat (Laws) and Xa Hoi (Society) Newspaper found that Yoni massage has become rather in vogue for local women in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

A Yoni massage user said “My marriage crashed so I felt listless and found life boring. A friend recommended Yoni massage to reduce stress, so I wanted to try it. I was embarrassed for the first time but I quickly became accustomed to it. Now, I can not quit.”

T. in his 30s, leader of a Yoni massage team, told Phap Luat and Xa Hoi: “Some call it Yoni massage, some call sensual message. All of our customers are ladies. But our job is not elicit as many people suppose”.

T. later showed some photos of his service and explained: “Our job is to satisfy women’s demand. Their husband even can see what we are doing on site”. 

Nguyen Thanh H. in Hanoi’s Dong Da district, who often takes his wife to Yoni massage parlors said Yoni massage should not be condemned because sensual massage is just another kind of entertainment. “I take her there to look for some strange feelings. We are together on this decision” – said H.

T. claimed that real Yoni therapists should have professional etiquette and follow “4 adjectives” at work: Professional, polite, thoughtful, and dedicated. He also revealed a shocking fact that in the last stage of the process, the male masseurs will not use hands but their penis. According to T., massage using hands costs from VND200,000 to VND300,000 per time while massage with penis costs from VND300,000 to VND500,000.

A website even lists the exact address of a parlor in downtown Ho Chi Minh City and boasts that its masseurs are all polite, tall men who always meet the needs of their customers.

Surely, there are criticisms that this kind of service is no different than a hand-job and in Vietnam all kinds of prostitution are illegal.

Some people say Yoni massage goes beyond ethical issues and should be condemned in a still-conservative country like Vietnam where physical contacts between those of opposite genders who are not related by blood or marriage are restricted.

Son Dong, an office worker in HCMC, claimed that men and women are equal so if men want relaxing massage, women can too. But he prefers female massage therapists for Yoni massage to male.

“I’m really shocked to hear that some men allow their wives to pick a male for Yoni massage. It makes me sick. I cannot imagine that a male rubs oil all over my beloved woman’s body and massage her body and genital area” – Dong said.


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