Friendship associations request China to remove rig from Vietnam’s waters

Many associations of friendship with Vietnam in European countries have requested that China remove its illegal oil rig from Vietnamese waters

Many friendship associations of Vietnam and European countries have issued a joint resolution demanding that China withdraw its illegal Haiyang Shiyuou 981 oil rig from the Southeast Asian country’s waters.

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The resolution, which has been sent to the European Union, was jointly issued by the associations of friendship with Vietnam in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the UK, and Denmark.

The Swedish Committee for Solidarity with Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia; and the Italian Institute for Vietnam Studies are also signatories to the same resolution.

These organizations expressed their deep concern about China’s escalation of tensions, while affirming that territorial disputes in the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes cannot be settled by provocative and violent acts or unilateral moves to create a fait accompli.   
In the resolution, they requested that China comply with international law, stop violent acts against Vietnam, and remove the rig and its guarding ships from the Vietnamese waters where the drilling platform has been illegally stationed since May 1.

Beijing must fulfill its commitments under the 2002 ASEAN-China Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Vietnam Sea (DOC), the resolution said.

China is going against international law by putting pressure on its neighbors to achieve its ambition, which is totally unacceptable, it stated.

It should change its behavior and create favorable conditions for cooperation among the related countries toward common solutions for the disputes in the East Vietnam Sea, the document said.

As previously reported, Chinese vessels dispatched around the illegal rig have aggressively rammed and fired high-powered water cannons not only at Vietnamese marine law enforcement ships but also at fishing boats of local fishermen.

Such attacks have so far injured 15 fisheries surveillance officers together with four fishermen, as well as damaged 27 boats belonging to Vietnam’s marine law enforcement and Coast Guard forces and seven local fishing boats.

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