Man caught peeing on busy street 'breaks Internet' in Vietnam

Three photos capturing a man urinating into a median strip quickly went viral after surfacing on Facebook on Tuesday

A man is seen peeing on a crowded street in what appears to be Hanoi in this photo posted on Facebook on February 23, 2016.

A man who got out of his car in the middle of a busy street believed to be in Hanoi to relieve himself was not aware that his call of nature was being photographed, and even worse, shared online.

Three photos capturing the man pissing and then returning to the sedan, with a Hanoi license plate, quickly went viral and ‘broke the Internet’ after surfacing on a Facebook page on Tuesday.

The man in a suit was seen urinating into the median strip before returning to his car.


“So it was a red light and this man parked his car and walked out as if no one were around,” X.P., who took the photos and shared them on his Facebook, wrote.

“OMG! Hopefully this man is not a Hanoian so that our elegance is not spoiled.”

The photos immediately attracted criticism.

“How impolite this man who owns a car is,” one Facebook user wrote. “The situation must have been so urgent that he had no other choice but to ruin the image of Vietnam.”

Another Facebook comment joked, “He would rather spoil the street than dirty his car.”

Many other people have tried to save face for the capital city, arguing a man who drives a car with a Hanoi plate does not necessarily have to be a Hanoi resident.

Others are more tolerant, saying had he not done what he did, he would have ‘died’ for holding it for too long.

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