The sorrow of Hon Soc (Hon Dat – Kien Giang)

The Hon Soc base zone, consisting of three small mountains namely Hon Dat, Hon Me and Hon Soc bases, is located in Hon Dat District, Kien Giang Province

An overview of Hon Soc

Of these, Hon Dat is not only a historical site but also the birthplace of Sister Su, the heroine whose name and feat of arms have become a legend.

In 1989, the memorial site of Sister Su was recognized as a national cultural and historical relic, attracting tourists who come to enjoy the charming natural landscape that features mountains, green rice fields and peaceful rivers.

Today, however, tourists have to pass a long road filled with dust to be able to reach Hon Dat and Hon Soc, with rock-carrying trucks traveling to and from the stone mines in Hon Soc.

People have even built a rock processing plant atop Hon Soc, and keep it running day and night.

Local residents can no longer live in peace due to the sound of explosives and the dust that pollutes the environment; the stream which used to bring pure water to locals no longer exists, whereas animals and birds have all fled to a safer place.

People have used all modern means of quarrying to destroy nature, the environment and climate, only to gain their short-term interests.

Mother Nature has built all these mountains to protect the area from storms and strong winds from the sea, as well as moderating the temperature. But tourists and local residents will no longer be able to see Hon Soc. The three-mountain Ba Hon relic site will then consist of only two mountains, Hon Dat and Hon Me.

The sorrow of Hon Soc is the pain of everyone.

Below are a series of photos by Huynh My Thuan featuring the pain the place suffered.

These photos were one of the entries to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper's year-long competition themed “Vietnam – Country – People" concluding in October last year.


Stone mining in Hon Soc


Hon Soc is being ‘cut’ for stones.


A stone grinding machine atop Hon Soc


A stone factory atop Hon Soc


Stone miners


Stones cut into bars


These modern machines cause the pain of Hon Soc.


Transporting stones to barges


Transporting stones for sale


The sorrow of Hon Soc – the pain of everyone

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