Saigon to encourage city-dwellers to walk at least 300m a day

Saigoners will be encouraged to walk 300m to 1km a day

Pavement on Nguyen Trung Truc Street, District 1 is now cleared, ready to serve eager pedestrians.

The Ho Chi Minh City administration has finished drafting a plan to call on city-dwellers to walk more to join the municipal efforts to curb traffic congestion.

It is expected that the city’s Party members, public servants and students will be the first to join in the walking movement by taking up a habit of walking 300m to 1km a day, whether it is to work or for everyday activities.

The three-phase movement is planned to run in three years, with the first phase scheduled to begin in April.

In the first phase, the program seeks to attract participants from District 1 and 3, and will expand to other neighborhoods in the next phases.

Nguyen Ngoc Tuong, deputy head of the city’s Traffic Safety Committee, believes that the walking movement will help create a habit of walking among city’s residents, resulting in less traffic on the road and therefore reducing congestion.

With the “sidewalk reclamation” campaign going strong throughout the city, officials are in high hope that more people will take part in the program as many pavements have been cleared.

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