Elderly woman dies of heatstroke in Hanoi

An elderly woman in Hanoi has died from heatstroke, raising concerns over the dangers of the extreme weather patterns that impacted northern Vietnam over the past several days

An ambulance arrives after Mac Thi Anh Thu suffered fatal heatstroke in Hanoi on June 5, 2017.

The victim was riding her motorcycle in Dong Da District at around 10:00 am on Monday when she collapsed to the ground and passed away.

Initial reports confirmed the identity of the woman to be 71-year-old Mac Thi Anh Thu, a resident of Thanh Xuan District.

Witnesses said that she was displaying signs of dizziness before falling onto the road.

An ambulance arrived at the scene soon after, but Thu’s heart had already stopped.

During the extreme heat wave between May 2 and 5, the emergency line in Hanoi recorded two other cases of severe heatstroke, including one 36-year-old woman and a man experiencing high blood pressure.

Both patients had showed symptoms including nausea, unconsciousness, high fever, dizziness, seizure and general unresponsiveness.

They had both spent extended periods under the scorching heat prior to experiencing the symptoms.

On Monday, the general hospital in the northern province of Tuyen Quang confirmed that Cao Van K., 42, had been admitted to the facility the previous day in a coma and running a high fever.

Given his poor health and prognosis, the family had decided to take him home.

According to doctors, children, senior citizens, and people with choric diseases, namely diabetes and high blood pressure, are more likely to experience heatstroke.


A man rests on Pham Van Dong Street in Hanoi. Photo: Tuoi Tre


Dr. Tran Thu Thuy from the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital recommended that parents pay attention to weather forecasts and control the outdoor activities of their children.

Children should always be dressed in hats, light-colored and loose clothes, and use sunscreen 30 minutes before heading outside.

They should not spend long periods under the sun and must be regularly rehydrated.

Children under four years old and those with acute illnesses are also more susceptible to heatstroke, Dr. Thuy said, adding that parents or guardians are responsible for monitoring their conditions.

According to Dr. Luong Quoc Chinh from Bach Mai Hospital, adults who work under the sun for any extended time without proper clothing, protection, and rehydration can also fall victim.

It is advisable that patients suffering from any of the symptoms related to heatstroke be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible to prevent serious complications, Dr. Chinh stated.


A child is taken to the Vietnam National Children’s Hospital in Hanoi on June 5, 2017. Photo: Tuoi Tre

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