Elder Dutchman assaulted by 5 Vietnamese after vehicle collision in Sa Pa

The foreigner complained about the collision, only to see five locals jump out of their car to beat him

The Dutchman is seen preparing to leave after the road rage in this still image taken from a video on Facebook.

A Dutch national has been beaten by a group of local men in the Vietnamese tourist town of Sa Pa, as seen in a video going viral on social media, police confirmed on Monday.

The assault came after the foreign man, carrying a local woman on his motorbike, slightly collided with the car of the Vietnamese, Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper quoted the head of the Sa Pa police unit as saying.

Located some 320km from Hanoi, Sa Pa is a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists.

A video clip capturing the road rage surfaced and immediately went viral on Facebook on Sunday, showing that the incident happened on a mountain pass leading to Sa Pa.

According to some eyewitnesses, after his motorbike collided with the seven-seater car, the Dutchman, apparently in his 50s, started to complain to the car driver.

However, the driver, accompanied by four Vietnamese men, quickly jumped out of the car and started to attack the foreigner.

The Vietnamese woman traveling with the Dutchman was also seen using her crash helmet to fight back.

The incident blocked traffic for a while. The five Vietnamese quickly left the scene, leaving behind the Dutchman with bruises and scratches on his face and nose.

The car’s license plate was clearly visible in the footage.

The Dutchman is seen with bruises on his face in this photo posted on Facebook.

The Sa Pa police chief has confirmed such a description of what had happened, adding that officers have summoned relevant individuals in the incident for further investigation.

They are also verifying the license plate of the car in question.

This is the second time in two weeks that a video showing Vietnamese violently beating foreigners had caused a stir on social media.

On June 23, a video showing an American man attacked by two local men in Hanoi also went viral on Facebook. The attackers were identified and arrested four days later as police looked into their charges of “intentionally causing injury to others.”

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