Numerous Vietnamese newswires hit by outage


Updated : 10/14/2014 09:40 GMT + 7

Many Vietnamese-language news websites were hit on Monday by an outage caused by a tech glitch at the data center of the company that hosts these platforms.

Readers of online newspapers including,, and – which are operated on technology powered by the Vietnam Communications Corporation (VCCorp) – could not access these websites for most of yesterday.

Newswires operated by VCCorp such as,,,, and were also inaccessible.

The outage also disabled the ad services powered by Google’s AdSense on the platforms.

Most of the affected websites displayed a message reading, “Data center is experiencing problems. Please come back later,” to inform their readers of the issue.

Nguyen The Tan, deputy general director of VCCorp, attributed the outage to a technical issue at the company’s data center.

“So access was denied for all products we operate,” he said.

A data center is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems.

The VCCorp official added that the company’s technical team had conducted checks and repaired the glitch shortly after it appeared.

But as of yesterday afternoon, VCCorp was still unable to say when the issue would be completely resolved, Tan admitted.

“Our priority is to resume access for our partner newswires,” he said.

Although the outage was identified as originating from the data center, Tan said the company needs further verification in order to announce the specific reason behind the system failure.

He did not rule out the possibility that the data center had been compromised by “a third party.”

“However, there will be no data loss as all of the databases have been backed up,” he added.

Asked if VCCorp would consider compensating the newswires, Tan said the incident was unexpected and the company “will discuss mutual support with the news agencies.”

Newswire Dan Tri (Intellectual) said in a post on Tuesday that its website resumed operation early the same day, and apologized to readers for the inconvenience.

All of the affected platforms have been accessible as of Tuesday morning.

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