Vietnam school trains man’s best friend using...
A decades-old dog training school in Ho Chi Minh City has been a familiar address over the last eight years for many dog lovers who wish to have a well-trained pet, especially those who want their...
A street painter in Saigon
I prepare my drawing tools, including paper, pencils, a chair and table at around 5:30 – 6:00 pm. I choose places where people often visit, which have enough light and good conditions to draw
The little corner of Saigon: The lovely feathered...
Welcome all to the “Goc nho Sai Gon” (The little corner of Saigon) program. Today we would like to introduce you to our friendly and very lovely small friends. Let’s make friend with them now
An open-air drug market in Saigon
Many people living around the An Suong Bus Station on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City live in fear as drug buyers and sellers face little difficulty accessing illicit drugs
Catching cockroaches at night for a living
A middle-aged woman in Ho Chi Minh City earns her hard livelihood by catching cockroaches nearly all night



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A middle-aged woman in Ho Chi Minh City earns her...