An open-air drug market in Saigon
Many people living around the An Suong Bus Station on the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City live in fear as drug buyers and sellers face little difficulty accessing illicit drugs
Catching cockroaches at night for a living
A middle-aged woman in Ho Chi Minh City earns her hard livelihood by catching cockroaches nearly all night
Vietnamese brides in South Korea: Episode 1 –...
Starting this week, Tuoi Tre News will broadcast a documentary series titled “Vietnamese Brides in South Korea,” which vividly portrays the genuine, intimate stories of marriages and lives in a...
Vietnamese brides learn to make kimchi
Around 40 Vietnamese women who are either already married to, or will marry, Korean men, joined a two-hour kimchi- and kimbap-making class
Tuoi Tre News and our expat colleagues
This video celebrates the 39th anniversary of Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper by showing what two expat colleagues do at the newspaper on an average day



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Many people living around the An Suong Bus Station...