Harley-Davidson of Saigon Club brings big bikes...
Updated: 05/14/2015 16:14 GMT + 7
Although the big bikes are known as friends of men, Saigon Hog is aiming to change that prejudice by bringing the bikes closer to local female riders.
First Vietnamese person uses music to raise...
Updated: 04/28/2015 15:27 GMT + 7
Over 3,000 pigeons have been raised here for more than one year and each cage has a player to play music for the birds to listen.
The Traffic Safety Day in Ho Chi Minh City
Updated: 04/27/2015 16:35 GMT + 7
More than five hundred elementary students on Friday joined an event the Embassy of Sweden organized in Ho Chi Minh City to raise public awareness of wearing helmets when traveling by motorbike.
The International Pillow Fight Day in Vietnam
Updated: 04/07/2015 17:26 GMT + 7
The scorching sunlight in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday afternoon did not keep around a hundred people away from slugging it out on the 2015 International Pillow Fight Day
Beauty salons for pets in Vietnam
Updated: 04/02/2015 16:25 GMT + 7
A slew of services dedicated to pets have recently appeared in Ho Chi Minh City, including pet care and beauty salons for dogs, cats and rabbits



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Although the big bikes are known as friends of...