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Will Vietnam ever be clean? Since the first caveman threw away a banana peel and the caveman behind him complained, mankind has been grappling with litterbugs
    Written from Vietnam: Easter...What’s that? Published: 03/25/2016 14:21 I think it’s pretty funny that the mostly vegetarian Vietnamese have supermarkets full of Western candy. Whole rows of imported chocolate stacked to the point that I’m afraid to select a packet out for fear of collapsing the entire shelf
    Expats’ take on young Vietnamese’s drinking, smoking habits Published: 03/10/2016 21:24 A number of expats have shared their thoughts after a recent report called young Vietnamese unfit and said they smoke a lot while also consuming loads of alcohol
    On International Women’s Day: They’re changing the future Published: 03/08/2016 09:50 Just as Vietnamese Women’s Day celebrates the contributions of women in our daily lives, so too International Women’s Day (IWD) highlights women’s achievements and the adversity they still face worldwide in gaining access to work, equal pay, education and health care
    Vietnam diary: Dear sunshine, I’m waiting Published: 03/03/2016 21:04 Dear sunshine, although I know you are always above the clouds and in my heart, where exactly are you at this moment?
    Public property protection in Vietnam Published: 02/29/2016 18:03 Education, public service announcements, posters on buses, advertisements and harsher consequences for offenders are probably the most effective ways Vietnam can fix this problem
    Impunity in Vietnam Published: 02/25/2016 18:11 Motorists stopping to pee in the middle of a busy highway, vendors over-charging tourists, and scams rampant throughout the city – what’s going on?
    Lessons from Vietnam in a slowing global economy Published: 02/24/2016 09:58 In just three decades, Vietnam has been transformed from one of the world’s poorest nations to one of the world’s greatest development success stories
    Will Vietnam ever be a ‘scam-free’ tourist destination? Published: 02/23/2016 14:25 Are we ever likely to see 'Scam-Free Tourist Destination' signs at attractions across the country? Or is it only wishful thinking?
    Expats share thought on controversial festivals in Vietnam Published: 02/22/2016 17:15 A number of expats have shared their thoughts with Tuoi Tre News on some controversial Vietnamese festivals which regularly receive mixed opinions due to their cruelty, violence and old-fashioned customs
    Vietnam experience: You never know when... Published: 02/19/2016 09:59 We rarely think of personal disasters or unforeseen circumstances when we travel

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