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New Year in Vietnam: What’s next in 2017? Whew... well now that 2016 is finally behind us... is 2017 going to be awesome? I guess that depends on your focus. For me, just being alive is enough to ensure that it’ll be a great year
    The kindness of strangers Published: 01/29/2014 15:00 A US national shares her appreciation of the kindheartedness she has received from Vietnamese people she had not met before
    The Happy People of the Mekong Delta Published: 01/28/2014 15:00 According to one South African national, Vietnam allows expats to enjoy the comforts of the West, while also being able to immerse yourself in Asian culture
    New Zealand professor proves to be Tet enthusiast Published: 01/28/2014 08:00 For the last six years, a New Zealand anthropologist has visited Vietnam every Lunar New Year to pursue his research on Tet
    As quiet as a mouse Published: 01/27/2014 10:00 Hooray! Soon it will be the Year of the Horse and we all get an opportunity to relax from Vietnam’s usual frantic pace
    A pilgrimage of the past, present and future Published: 01/26/2014 20:32 It is odd that the American company that built those bombers would later help build their school
    A tale of two sisters Published: 01/20/2014 16:24 I separately asked Yung and Jenny during their recent visits to their ancestral homeland, “Does coming here make you feel more Vietnamese or less Vietnamese?”
    Power of the tabloids Published: 01/17/2014 17:30 Readers don’t buy a tabloid to find out what is happening in the world, which nations are at war or business news
    The malling of Vietnam Published: 01/14/2014 10:42 I found myself wondering whether Vietnam’s malls would, in time, mimic America’s mall culture – the teenage human “mall rats” and the conspicuously “Valley Girls” that sprouted in the 1980s
    Typing to survive Published: 01/09/2014 16:14 Writing a novel, or indeed a column, on a typewriter might seem more romantic but a more pragmatic approach has to be the PC or laptop

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