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Will Vietnam ever be clean? Since the first caveman threw away a banana peel and the caveman behind him complained, mankind has been grappling with litterbugs
    Accessibility to blame for brutal acid attacks in Vietnam: foreigners Published: 04/04/2014 20:20 An American lawyer who lives in Vietnam and a prospective medical student, also from the U.S., blame the recent cases of acid attacks in Vietnam on the availability of acid and other lethal chemicals on the local market
    Vietnam tourism: Who is guiding who? Published: 03/30/2014 17:25 Foreign guides, as with foreign teachers, can be a model of quality for the Vietnamese to reach for
    Death to the bankers: Vietnam vs. America Published: 03/26/2014 21:03 Ask a law-abiding expat about Vietnam’s criminal justice system, many foreigners, I’m sure, are impressed by the country’s hardline stance against white-collar crime
    A modern homestay in central Vietnam Published: 03/23/2014 19:51 It is very unclear how many of the modern homestays along the central coast are operating well enough to encourage further tourism
    End of an era down Bui Vien Street Published: 03/23/2014 13:24 Would it be a traffic-free zone with seats and beer all the way down the right hand side of Bui Vien in the future?
    Fear of flying Published: 03/17/2014 19:04 My wife’s work frequently requires travel while the rest of us stay home. And, if the old fear surfaces, I sometimes remember a sad day long ago
    Vietnam: where the unexpected is normal Published: 03/16/2014 10:40 Vietnam is waiting to surprise you at every turn, corner, and way
    The stubborn legacy of Agent Orange Published: 03/11/2014 10:42 There is little comfort in another footnote of the hypocrisy of U.S. policy regarding the legacy of what the Vietnamese call the American War

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