Vietnam’s first gay sitcom goes viral

Tuoi Tre News

Updated : 04/03/2013 09:35 GMT + 7

Vietnam’s first-ever gay sitcom “My best gay friends” by a 21-year-old student becomes  a nationwide phenomenon as the first episode of the series has so far received more than one million views on Youtube.

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“I’ve seen many movies and comedies about homosexual community. The images of homosexuals are very negative and audiences then have an ugly idea of the community,” said Dang Khoa.

“It’s not right. I’m gay and I see my life as very normal. That’s why I want to bring true images of homosexuals to everyone to change their perspective on us.”

One special thing which makes the series attractive is that most of its cast are members of the LGBT community and the most important thing is that they are not afraid of coming out.

“There are a lot of people discriminating against transgender people. Joining this show,I want them to have a more sympathetic look on transgender people,” said Quyen, My Best Gay Friends’ cast member.

“I participate in this series to show people that homosexuals are just normal. They also work, go to school, gain success and have normal lives,” Rje, 21, an actor of the film, shared.

Besides homosexuals who volunteer to be in the show, My Best Gay Friends also has some young members who are not in the LGBT community. They have joined the show as a way to support homosexuals in being true to who they are.

“Joining this show, I think I’ve contributed to changing people’s perspective on homosexuals. People were born this way; we should know how to respect each other for who we really are,” Minh Thanh, 19, who is not in the LGBT community and joins the series as an actor, said.

The latest episode also sees the participation of makeup artist Cindy Thai Tai, the first person in Vietnam to publicly come out as a transgender person 10 years ago.

Not only causing a stir with its content detailing the lives of homosexuals, the movie has also impressed audiences with its high-quality images. Using a Canon EOS 600D camera and a tripod, Huynh Nguyen Dang Khoa has created beautiful footage with his passion and the desire to bring homosexuals closer to the community.

After an episode of My Best Gay Friends is broadcast, Khoa and his friends receive mixed comments from the community. Overcoming obstacles, they have kept working with passion to finish the 15-episode sitcom in order not to let people who have loved the show down.

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