‘Sidewalk reclamation’ campaign continues in Saigon
Updated: 03/23/2017 17:16 GMT + 7
Authorized workers are removing illegally built steps in front of a cosmetics shop
Six tons of African khat leaves seized in Hai Phong
Updated: 03/23/2017 17:15 GMT + 7
Customs officers inspecting two containers on March 21 at Tan Vu Seaport in Hai Phong City were shocked to find one containing six tons of khat leaves
Peach Blossom Festival continues in Bac Ninh Province
Updated: 03/23/2017 17:14 GMT + 7
Bac Ninh Province is currently hosting a Peach Blossom Festival at its Cultural Center
Two guns seized on flight from Hong Kong to Ho Chi Minh City
Updated: 03/21/2017 16:00 GMT + 7
Two handguns were found, carefully concealed in layers of clothes
Grade-9 educated farmer creates multi-purpose distribution machine
Updated: 03/21/2017 15:59 GMT + 7
This machine was created by Le Van Sua, a farmer in Dong Thap Province who only studied until grade 9
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Two handguns were found, carefully concealed in...