ROBBERY & MUGGING on the rise on Phu Quoc Island
Updated: 04/22/2017 12:00 GMT + 7
Mugging and robbery are on the rise in the tourist-packed Phu Quoc Island, off Kien Giang Province in southern Vietnam.
Vietnamese father arrested for sexually assaulting daughter
Updated: 04/21/2017 14:16 GMT + 7
On April 19, a 35 year-old man was arrested for sexually assaulting his daughter.
1000-year-old well discovered in Quang Nam Province
Updated: 04/21/2017 14:14 GMT + 7
A 1000-year-old water well was recently discovered in central Vietnam.
Five-star coaches over-loaded with passengers and goods (Part 2)
Updated: 04/20/2017 15:52 GMT + 7
Previously, we aired a documentary on five-star coaches over-loaded with passengers and goods. Today, we’ll continue coverage of the story
‘Krossing - Over’ Dance Festival organized in Ho Chi Minh City
Updated: 04/20/2017 15:50 GMT + 7
The French Kerman Dance Group spent April 14 to 16 performing in venues across Ho Chi Minh City
  • A time-lapsed Saigon
  • Updated: 12/28/2012 19:09 GMT + 7
  • With a great love of Saigon and passion for filming, a young photographer has... | Watch |1446 Views
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Mugging and robbery are on the rise in the...