Chinese ‘witch pens’, devices seized in Hanoi


Updated : 05/13/2013 14:24 GMT + 7

Hanoi police have confiscated two batches of Chinese products with dubious origins from two companies based in the capital city, officers said Sunday.

Police seized nine ‘witch pens,’ and a number of audio and video recording devices after inspecting Le Gia T and T Vietnam on Dang Dien Dong Street in Dong Da District.

‘Witch pens’ use invisible ink that will make letters disappear shortly after they are written on paper, while the recording devices are disguised as pens, watches, binoculars, and key chains, according to police.

The pens are made in China and are sold in Vietnam for VND300,000 to VND500,000 each.

After the raid, officers caught Do Thi Lan, 21, red-handed as she was delivering eight other ‘witch pens’ to customers at Vinh Tuy Bridge in Hai Ba Trung District.

Lan, a college student, confessed to police that she works part-time for the Hoang Long transporting company.

Hoang Long Co failed to show any papers to prove the products’ origin, officers said.