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Vietnam ‘pop king’ pioneers smart media card album production

October 16,2014, 19:03

A well-known Vietnamese pop singer has purportedly become the first artist in the world to launch his album in the form of a South Korean smart media card to better cope with rampant piracy, according to the Vietnamese company which has the exclusive right to the technology in Vietnam

Two Chinese detained for faking int’l credit cards

January 12,2014, 16:00

Initial investigation showed that the ring has 5 members including two Chinese who made counterfeit bank cards and brought them to Vietnam, while 3 Vietnamese conducted fake transactions using those bank cards

Smartlink to be merged into Banknetvn

August 21,2013, 23:30

As the two biggest Vietnamese bank card alliances, Smartlink and Banknetvn, already signed a memorandum of understanding on the merger at the end of last year following the central bank's directive

Office says artist work permit plan not costly

June 15,2013, 14:52

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently gave its nod to the issue of work permits for local singers and models, and the Performing Arts Office who’s working on the specific plan said it won’t exceed US$48,077.

Vietnam mulls work permits for models, singers

June 05,2013, 10:55

The Performing Arts Office under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on June 3 proposed its plan to issue performing cards to local artists in an attempt to combat repeated violations among singers and models.