Hopes and dreams in this Vietnamese Lunar New Year

January 28,2017, 14:02

Looking to 2017, the Year of the Rooster, can be scary – will it cock-a-doodle-doo with luck and happiness? I believe so. I believe it will be a spectacular year filled with many things – especially love

Save Vietnam’s Internet sharks

January 25,2017, 15:05

You can blame a lot on those Internet sharks – it’s not just undersea cables, social connections and doing business, but also your state of mind, mood and willingness to kill ordinary people

New Year in Vietnam: What’s next in 2017?

January 01,2017, 11:03

Whew... well now that 2016 is finally behind us... is 2017 going to be awesome? I guess that depends on your focus. For me, just being alive is enough to ensure that it’ll be a great year

It’s not cold...pfft!

December 04,2016, 16:15

I’m comforted at this time of year by the trustworthy weather reports of Da Nang’s most famous weatherman, Kit Davidson