UNESCO town in Vietnam under water

In much of the ancient town of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site that spouses of APEC leaders are scheduled to visit on Saturday, muddy waters has risen to head height and people boated through the streets. Photos published by Reuters on November 7, 2011

​Ho Chi Minh City’s biggest corn market

October 21,2017, 11:58

Ten kilometers outside Ho Chi Minh City, a wholesale corn market exists where traders from the Mekong Delta gather to distribute their produce to retailers in the southern metropolis.

​Vietnamese older adults’ dreams captured in ‘Dreams Are Blue’ photo book

August 22,2017, 09:11

The photo project “Ước Mơ Luôn Xanh” (Dreams Are Blue), introduced by Abbott in collaboration with photographers Maika Elan and Tam Bui, tells inspirational stories of the Vietnamese senior generation overcoming obstacles, making their dreams come true after the age of 50 with the support and companionship of their adult children. The dream journeys bring them pure happiness and build the running-deep connection, appreciation and love between the children and parents regardless of their generation-gap.

Vietnamese woman performs amazing Yoga postures in Tibet

July 11,2016, 16:11

A Vietnamese emcee, copywriter has attracted public attention with her photo album namely "Yoga around the world." Phung Yen’s album, namely “Yoga around the world”, has attracted many views and comments after it was published online.