Wrong-way Ford causes trailer truck to overturn in Vietnam

The country’s traffic safety committee has requested an investigation

The trailer truck begins to overturn in this still photo taken from a video on Facebook.

The Vietnam National Committee for Traffic Safety has requested an investigation into a serious accident in which an SUV driving in the wrong direction caused a trailer truck to collide with a motorbike before turning on its side.

The incident, occurring on the Ro Tuong mountain pass in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa on June 25, was filmed by the dash cam of a car driving in the opposite direction, with the footage going viral on Facebook last weekend.

As seen in the footage, a Ford Ecosport was traveling in the wrong direction on National Highway 1A, causing a trailer truck to swerve to its right to avoid a collision and smash into a motorbike, before overturning.

The SUV continued its journey without stopping despite the disaster it had caused.

“This is a serious violation of the traffic code and of safety, which threatened the life of not only those in the involved vehicles, but also other people on the street,” the Vietnam National Committee for Traffic Safety said in a statement on Monday.

The committee has called on the Khanh Hoa police department to find the driver of the Ford Ecosport, whose license plate as seen in the video is 47A-105.59, and hold him or her accountable for their road violation that resulted in a serious incident.

“Khanh Hoa police and the relevant agencies should verify the cause of the accident and determine the violations of the Ford driver, then strictly punish him/her to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future,” the committee underlined.

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