Are you warm enough, Hoi An?  

I know it’s the rainy season but look at the locals in Hoi An, a small town in central Vietnam, they think it’s the beginning of a three-month Ice Age

New Year in Vietnam: What’s next in 2017?

January 01,2017, 11:03

Whew... well now that 2016 is finally behind us... is 2017 going to be awesome? I guess that depends on your focus. For me, just being alive is enough to ensure that it’ll be a great year

It’s not cold...pfft!

December 04,2016, 16:15

I’m comforted at this time of year by the trustworthy weather reports of Da Nang’s most famous weatherman, Kit Davidson

In Vietnam, three is not a crowd

November 03,2016, 17:18

How many Vietnamese does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: three – one to change the light, another to tell him he’s changing it the wrong way, and a third laughing his head off

Halloween’s coming to Vietnam!

October 30,2016, 11:01

In the midst of our soggy rainy season, it’s good to think of cheerful activities. Fortunately, Halloween, the American autumn festival, will finally arrive on the 31st of October

Help Quang Binh

October 25,2016, 16:33

On the weather maps, it’s like something drifting north, just a storm, just a graphic being updated as time goes by. For the residents of Quang Binh, it’s been a disaster