Patronage of the arts in Vietnam

May 12,2016, 20:48

Vietnamese artistic talent needs to make itself better known locally. As local massive wealth presents itself in personal possessions - giant houses, giant cars, giant TVs

Make traffic lights smarter to relieve Ho Chi Minh City congestion: expat

May 09,2016, 20:00

Radhanath Varadan, an Indian who has been living in Vietnam for 15 years, has suggested that in order to reduce congestion on Ho Chi Minh City roads, traffic lights should be made smarter. While he is also quick to admit that he is no expert on traffic, he believes none of it is rocket science

Vietnam angle: Travel muddles the mind

April 25,2016, 11:55

Whoever said, ‘Travel broadens the mind,’ needs psychiatric help. After a week of tiring and tangled travelling abroad and back, I’ve concluded that the world is mostly insane

Nguyen Hue pedestrian street: To eat or not to eat?

April 19,2016, 19:06

Some expats have shared their opinions with Tuoi Tre News on a regulation banning visitors from eating and drinking on the Nguyen Hue pedestrian street in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1 in order to keep it free from trash

Changing fortunes in Vietnam

April 10,2016, 18:02

My young puppy, Lulu, is now liberated after weeks of wearing a plaster cast, and is grinning from ear to ear. On a quiet Monday recently, I had a motorbike accident and burned my leg. Now I’m limping and she’s bouncing around

A prang in the Vietnamese way

March 30,2016, 10:18

Living here without having had a traffic accident can be explained by dumb luck, awesome road skills, Buddha looking after you or the fact that you drive exclusively in an empty field

Written from Vietnam: Easter...What’s that?

March 25,2016, 14:21

I think it’s pretty funny that the mostly vegetarian Vietnamese have supermarkets full of Western candy. Whole rows of imported chocolate stacked to the point that I’m afraid to select a packet out for fear of collapsing the entire shelf

On International Women’s Day: They’re changing the future

March 08,2016, 09:50

Just as Vietnamese Women’s Day celebrates the contributions of women in our daily lives, so too International Women’s Day (IWD) highlights women’s achievements and the adversity they still face worldwide in gaining access to work, equal pay, education and health care

Public property protection in Vietnam

February 29,2016, 18:03

Education, public service announcements, posters on buses, advertisements and harsher consequences for offenders are probably the most effective ways Vietnam can fix this problem

Impunity in Vietnam

February 25,2016, 18:11

Motorists stopping to pee in the middle of a busy highway, vendors over-charging tourists, and scams rampant throughout the city – what’s going on?