Precious Vietnamese antiquities up for auction next month

Three valuable Vietnamese antiquities dating as far back as the Bronze Age will be among items up for public auction in Hanoi next month

Three precious Vietnamese antiquities that will be up for auction in Hanoi on August 19, 2017

The auction was announced on Monday by No.5 Auction Joint Stock Company.

Auctioned antiquities will include a bronze vase from Dong Son culture in Bronze-Age Vietnam, a ceramic thap situla dating from the 13th and 14th century, and a 19th century royal enamel porcelain box.

The bronze vase belongs to the Dong Son Culture, a Bronze Age civilization in ancient Vietnam centered around the Red River Delta of the northern region from 1000 BC until the first century AD.

The vase measures 53.3 centimeters tall and is covered entirely with decorative nodules and triangular patterns around its neck.

Its base features carved-out deer and cows in a reverse cone shape.

The item is regarded by the auction organizers as one of the rarest remaining artifacts of the Bronze Age period in Vietnam.

The ceramic thap situla is a medium-sized, bucket-shaped vessel sloping to a narrow base, with no handle or lid.

The item is coated with a layer of ivory-colored glaze and decorated with brown lotus leaf and daisy patterns.

According to the organizers, the situla is unlike any others found in museums or private collections anywhere in the world.

The last of the three precious antiquities is an enameled porcelain box used by members of the royal family during the Nguyen Dynasty in 19th century Vietnam.

The flat-sphere box is made from a brass skeleton coated on the inside with emerald glaze and on the outside with azure glaze.

The box is the largest piece of enameled porcelain ever found from this period, and is the epitome of the vitreous enamel technique of Hue City.

These antiquities, among many other valuable items, will be up for a one-night only auction scheduled for August 19 in Hanoi, according to Le Viet Nga, deputy director of No.5 Auction JSC.

All auctioned artifacts have been appraised and verified by experts of their respective periods, and will be sold with legal and scientific insurance, Nga said.

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