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Embossed paintings by Vietnam's former soldier go viral Tiktok

Embossed paintings by Vietnam's former soldier go viral Tiktok

Wednesday, April 03, 2024, 09:01 GMT+7
Embossed paintings by Vietnam's former soldier go viral Tiktok
Ta Van Tiep meticulously brings every detail of an embossed painting to life. Photo: Ha Quan / Tuoi Tre

In a mesmerizing TikTok video, a former soldier captivates viewers in Vietnam as he deftly balances plaster in one hand while skillfully spreading mortar on the wall with the other. With finesse, he molds intricate shapes and patterns, crafting stunning embossed paintings that bewitch the eye.

The man behind these mesmerizing creations is Ta Van Tiep, 30, residing in the northern mountainous province of Bac Giang.

His TikTok channel, titled 'Tiep Tuc Tien' ('Continue Moving Forward'), has amassed over 41,000 followers and nearly 420,000 likes for his videos highlighting the making of embossed paintings, also known as 3D embossed paintings.

The passion of a former soldier

In a video clip boasting nearly two million views, Tiep indulges in a lighthearted exchange with a homeowner.

Through two clever verses, he playfully poses his question, drawing forth a witty response that delights the audience.

Initially recording videos during breaks from work as a simple pastime, Tiep stumbled upon unexpected popularity with his audience.

This newfound acclaim served as a powerful motivation, propelling him to create even more captivating content.

Despite good-naturedly being dubbed 'son-in-law' by his elderly followers, Tiep humorously laments the lack of women willing to claim him as their husband.

All the while, he continues to demonstrate his craft to eager apprentices, blending his wit with his dedication to his art.

His workshop, spanning hundreds of square meters, is nestled in a valley in Hiep Hoa District, Bac Giang Province.

Here, he not only creates his artworks but also imparts his skills to others interested in the craft.

Originally trained in electrical refrigeration, Tiep switched to pursuing his passion for making embossed paintings.

He embarked on his journey by assisting skilled artisans in Hanoi, gradually honing his craft, and receiving positive feedback on his early creations, which boosted his confidence in his chosen profession.

Despite encountering numerous challenges, Tiep's unwavering determination as a former soldier propels him to overcome obstacles in pursuit of his passion.

Undertaking orders spanning across various provinces and cities, he fearlessly navigates through different weather conditions, all in the relentless pursuit of fulfilling his artistic endeavors.

Reflecting on his journey, he considers the initial difficulties as essential training, pushing him to persevere despite occasional doubts and challenges.

Sharing experience, creating jobs

During a lull in large-scale projects, Tiep wholeheartedly dedicates himself to instructing a diverse group of 20 learners.

Among them are people with years of painting experience, alongside others such as farmers who are unfamiliar with tools like trowels, plaster, or drills.

Braving uncomfortable weather conditions, including rain showers and high humidity that leave earth sticking to their shoes, the learners eagerly immerse themselves in Tiep's lessons. 

Together, they meticulously examine the details of embossed paintings, such as delicate petals and leaf veins, sharing insights and knowledge.

Under Tiep's guidance, the monotony of plain walls transforms into vibrant canvases.

With skilled hands, the learners breathe life into sketches of peacocks, turning them into dynamic figures seemingly poised for flight.

According to Tiep, creating embossed paintings demands meticulousness, precision, and an innate talent for fine art to capture vivid details.

"To craft a beautiful embossment," he explains, "one must master basic skills like plaster mixing, shaping, and drawing floral motifs."

For Tiep, a successful 3D embossed artwork is defined by its depth, harmonious composition, sharp details, vibrant colors, and its ability to convey the intended theme.

Regarding income, Tiep proudly reveals that some clients are willing to pay up to VND8 million (US$348) per square meter of his work, while his usual rate ranges from VND3 million ($130) to VND5 million ($217) per square meter.

He may offer discounts to nearby clients.

Tiep, along with his support team, produces approximately 30 square meters of artwork per month, ensuring a steady income.

He cherishes his moniker 'Tiep Tuc Tien' and remains committed to learning new skills as well as sharing his expertise with those enthusiastic about embossed paintings.

Looking ahead, Tiep envisions leveraging his resources to offer free training to fellow former soldiers who share a passion for the craft but are hindered by financial constraints.

In his unwavering dedication to his art and community, Tiep exemplifies the transformative power of creativity and the generosity of spirit.

Inspiring others to uphold resilience

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Trieu Van Thang, political officer at the Military Command of Hiep Hoa District, Bac Giang Province, has proudly shared Ta Van Tiep's TikTok account, 'Tiep Tuc Tien,' to glorify the soldier's indomitable spirit.

He emphasizes that beyond fulfilling their military service obligations, each soldier must retain determination, resilience, and a strong work ethic, thereby radiating positive energy to those around them.

In Thang's view, the military environment has not only instilled in Tiep fervor for work but it has also nurtured his inclination to generously impart his expertise to others and create jobs for young people.

"I aspire to see more young people continue to contribute, learn, and fulfill their military service obligations," said Senior Lieutenant Colonel Thang.

He foresees these people upholding the steadfast spirit of a soldier, ultimately returning to their hometowns as exemplary citizens poised to make significant contributions to society.

Through Thang's guidance and Tiep's embodiment of resilience and dedication, a culture of perseverance and service flourishes, inspiring generations to come.

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