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Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

Sunday, October 28, 2012, 16:10 GMT+7

When we first arrived in Germany, we were amazed at a woman who stood still like a statue and held a can in hands where pedestrians will throw in some change or coins. The first thought that came to our mind was, “Do beggars appear in a rich country with good universal welfare system like Germany?”

After we took pleasant walks through pedestrian zones in other developed western countries like Czech Republic or Italia, we realized that beggars are not only found in poor countries as we previously thought.

However, it is uncommon to see beggars putting their hats down on the ground or bow and scrape begging for some extra money in western countries. Instead, they make money as street performers and earn huge respect from people around.

On an afternoon walking around Roman Temple Pantheon in Italia, we saw crowds of people jostling one another to listen to an opera singer with booming voice who dressed suitably in a black skirt and a yellow T-shirt and sang for the pure joy of singing.

There were a cassette and a small luggage waiting for EUR notes from passers-by beneath her feet.

In Prague, Czech Republic, “beggar artists” also play glass harp – an instrument made of upright wine glasses. The rims of wine glasses filled with water are rubbed by the player's fingers to create the notes.

These “beggar artists” often perform in crowded places like ancient roads, squares, or over-bridges.

Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

Eight living statues wearing gray clothes, masks, hats, and shoes will move and clap their hands as soon as someone puts money into the can before them.

Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

A multitalented artist who plays a wind instrument, guitar, and beats the drum using his feet at the same time.

Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

“A man without head” spotted on a path leading to Italian national museum of Saint Angelo. If pedestrians put some notes or coins into the can adjacent to the right foot, the invisible head will automatically move.

Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

Circus or Kungfu performances put on in Romer Square in Frankfurt, Germany.

Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

A quartet performs on Charles bridge in Prague, Czech Republic.

Amazing ‘beggar artists’ in Europe

An elderly street performer is passionately playing a saxophone while a woman is selecting his CDs displayed for sale.

Duyen Truong - Luu Dinh Trieu


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