A heart for you

The free heart surgery for needy children, run by the University Medical Center Ho Chi Minh City and sponsored by different charity organizations and businesses since 2007, has saved more than 2,000 children in many provinces and cities across Vietnam

Dr. Nguyen Hoang Dinh, head of the cardiac department at the University Medical Center Ho Chi Minh City, directly performs a surgery.

Today, the University Medical Center Ho Chi Minh City is cooperating with the Dai Nam Corp. in providing free heart surgery and cardiac treatment for kids aged one to six; or those from seven to 16 years old living in poverty or suffering severe medical conditions.

The program is running until 2030, with 400 to 1,000 cases examined and treated annually.

Below are a series of photos by Le Manh Linh showing how the doctors put effort in doing their job to save the kids' lives.

These photos were one of the entries to Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper's year-long competition themed “Vietnam – Country – People" concluding in October last year.


Doctors perform a laparoscopic cardiac surgery on a kid patient.


The hospital applies the most modern heart surgery techniques to kid patients.


Sewing the wound after a surgery


Doctors check patients’ health after a surgery.


A nurse takes care of a kid patient.


A kid patient after a surgery

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