Promote hallmark dishes on selected basis

As far as I know, Vietnam ranks four after Japan, China and Thailand on the Asian cuisine map. As for Southeast Asian gastronomy, Vietnamese food is only behind Thai specialties which have been promoted heavily over a long time.

  • By Master Chef Marco Brueschweiler (ceo Of Service Consulting Firm Of Thai Cuisine And A Member Of The World Chefs Association, Has Some To Share About Vietnamese Cuisine)

    August 27, 2016, 16:05 GMT+7

However, with Vietnamese gastronomy’s strong potential, I’m convinced that Vietnamese food can beat that of Thailand someday near to top the region. You should select some signature dishes accompanied by distinctive veggies and spices and turn them into Vietnamese trademarks.
In reality, Vietnamese cuisine has already earned a good name the world over. A large number of visitors have learned of and enjoyed Vietnamese dishes, and several foreign tourists have become ambassadors to promote Vietnamese cuisine.  
Whenever I travel to Vietnam, I myself relish phở and gỏi cuốn (fresh spring roll) served with sweet and sour fish sauce. The thing that counts is that you have to retain exclusively signature Vietnamese specialties before focusing on promoting them effectively instead of trying to advertise your entire kitchen.  
Nowadays people have grown more concerned about their health and food safety and healthiness, which has put Vietnamese cuisine at a remarkable competitive edge thanks to its myriad of herbs and greens that have never ceased to amaze me, a professional chef. Fresh greens are presented in an impressive way. To the best of my knowledge, no other countries boast such a diversity of greens and fresh ingredients as Vietnam. Vietnamese food is not only delectable but also safe and mild. These dishes are a blend of freshness and diversity of greens, seafood, various flavors and spices unique to Vietnam only to make signature dishes that stand out from the rest in the world.


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