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​Hon Thom Islet: a hidden pearl in the heart of Vietnam’s sea

​Hon Thom Islet: a hidden pearl in the heart of Vietnam’s sea

Friday, June 08, 2018, 18:17 GMT+7

A must-visit in addition to Phu Quoc

Visitors to Hon Thom Islet, one of Vietnam’s most southern territories, often return from their journey claiming the island is so beautiful it would be impossible not to come back.

Hon Thom (Pineapple Islet) is the largest of the An Thoi Islands (An Thoi Archipelago), with a population of around 4,000.

The 15 islands and islets are located to the south of Phu Quoc Island in the Gulf of Thailand and are under the authority of Kien Giang Province in the Mekong Delta.

The archipelago consists of many islands and islets that are quickly growing in popularity as tourist destinations thanks to their pristine beaches, rocky cliffs, breathtaking mountains, and dense forests.

This beauty has earned it the nickname “The Paradise Islets of Phu Quoc.”

However, it was only recently that any An Thoi islands besides Phu Quoc became considered as a “must-see” in Vietnam.

One of these islands, Hon Thom, stands out for its untouched natural beauty.

Surrounding the island is clear blue water and sun-burned sandy beaches.

The island itself is covered in wild greenery, creating a romantic aura around on its beaches.

Hon Thom is well-known for the flawless sand on its many beaches, including Nom beach, Nam beach, Chuong beach, and Chao beach.

On Chuong beach, located in the south of the island, the sand is bordered on one side by small houses with metal roofs and fishing boats on the other.

Moreover, the beach has plenty of places for tourists to try fresh seafood and fruits picked right from local trees, such as mangoes and star apples.

Significant changes

Hon Thom Island has changed considerably in recent years.

Many tourists insist that they see significant changes every time they return.

Even people living on Hon Thom, if asked, say, “Hon Thom is now very different.”

One of the most significant changes was the installation of a power grid in 2015. With that came the introduction of tourist activities such as jet-skiing and tours to visit other nearby islands.

Before electricity was installed, Hon Thom was only designated for one-day trips in which tourists would come during the day to enjoy the beaches, food, and scenery before returning to hotels on other islands by canoe at sunset.

Another factor contributing to the island’s popularity is the new cable car system connecting An Thoi Town with the three main islands in the An Thoi archipelago, including Hon Thom Islet.

More significantly, the ropeway is the world’s longest cable car system above the sea.

Visitors cannot resist the opportunity to see the set of islands from the sky.

As the cable cars lift visitors from the ground, clear blue water, highlands covered with greenery and sandy beaches slowly begin to shrink.

From above, tourists can view the beautiful beaches of Hon Thom including Nom, Chuong, and Chao beaches, as well as other islands and islets such as Hon Roi Islet, Hon Dua Islet, and Hon Mong Tay Islet, all of which are quite well-known to tourists thanks to the many tours offered to these places.

One of the tourists even commented: “No artist is talented enough to paint such a beautiful picture.”

New attraction

In February, 2018 Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park was opened on Hon Thom and is expected to attract many tourists and visitors.

Hon Thom is getting a new, fresh look that is more energetic, youthful, and exciting.

Nowadays, the island provides many other activities such as paragliding, jet-skiing, and shows featuring foreign artists.

However, Hon Thom still manages to preserve its natural, peaceful beauty with green gardens, palm trees and fruit trees.

In the background, one can hear Vietnam’s southern folk songs performed by local performers.

Moreover, the area is expected to introduce a food court over a thousand square meters in size offering traditional Vietnamese dishes from different parts of the country.



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